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AREA units

Products: Compressors, Refrigerator components, Plate heat exchangers, Condensing units, Chillers, Condensers/Evaporators.

AREA piston compressor:  Hermetic piston compressors for domestic and commercial cooling, high/medium and low temperature applications with R134a, R600 and R404A.

  • Family D, S and L: compact compressors with low noise and vibration levels.  Cooling capacity from 40 W to 220 W
  • Family CT and CJ: highly reliable compressors, with stable performance. Cooling capacity from 395 W to 5,006 W

AREA rotary compressors: horizontal, hermetic rotary compressors for commercial cooling in R404A, and for HVAC with R407C and R410A. Range of vertical compressors for household air conditioning in R407C. Cooling capacity from 1,500 W to 6,000 W.

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